Hey, I'm Varsha!

Born in West London in humble surroundings, our family of 6 lived in a council flat with two rooms. I loved dreaming and I had a vivid imagination. I was stubborn, rebellious and helped my mother to raise my 3 sisters. My parents both worked. My mother had high expectations of me, since she didn’t have the time to do everything… I was left with babysitting duties and house chores from the tender age of 7. I had to grow up fast.

The growing bitterness.

It did come at a cost, as I rebelled against my mother. She found me difficult and disobedient. No matter how hard I tried to please her: “I JUST WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH”. This led to low self-esteem and I lacked confidence. At school, I was timid and never spoke up. I was the underdog, the misfit. I didn’t belong in the nerdy group nor did I stand a chance with the popular kids. I was a shy little girl, who never spoke. I was invisible.

My brain was broken.

At College, I sat my A-levels and failed miserably, at this point I did not understand why. I was depressed and didn’t speak to anyone for weeks. It was during this time that I came across a poster that would change my life.


I found out that I had Dyslexia aged 20. I was now better able to understand the techniques that I needed in order to learn effectively. I started excelling academically, I was acing my coursework. I graduated with a near first. For the first time in my life I felt like I had won.

The climb to the top.

Following graduation, I started thinking of creative ways to enter industry, after facing multiple rejections because I had screwed up tests. I knew that I just had to keep reengineering myself to land myself a top-notch job.

Daring to be different.

I decided that traditional methods just weren’t working for me. This is the first time I DARED TO BE DIFFERENT. I threw out the rule book and started to apply for jobs more creatively. That one decision to challenge the status quo landed me a job with one of the UK’s coolest brands. What followed after was a successful career that spanned over 10 years in industry working with some of the worlds super brands. I had reached award-winning status in the corporate world.

Chasing the dream.

Professionally I had excelled, but I had become a person that I didn’t want to be. I started experiencing toxic environments at work that stifled my creativity, passion & personal growth. I worked hard and I was customer-focussed, but none of this mattered as long as profit was prioritised over people. My professional life got so bad that I didn’t sleep well for 3 years. I was earning good money, but it was all at the expense of my happiness and wellbeing. My soul had been destroyed, chasing the corporate dream. Period.


I took a career break and what followed after that was a power struggle, my internal storm, the feeling of losing it all. I was disconnected and disillusioned with life. I was now a mother to little Arya. I had lost me. I was in darkness.

Reinventing my inner Lotus.

To reconnect with ‘me’, I had to take away the old program that I had running in my mind and install new software. This new software would play to my strengths, it would nourish the roots of my inner lotus. It would be rooted in my Brand’s DNA: kindness, challenging the status quo, technology. I made the decision to go it alone and start running my own business, I knew I was sitting on a mountain of value from the skills I had learnt from industry. How would I make this work? The fear engulfed me... but I knew I had talent, I just had to figure out how I could bring value to others.

Building Brands Online

I started teaching people how to innovate and what digital technologies to adopt to grow their brand and business online. So, I started consulting, running workshops and speaking about the importance of brand and digital marketing. People I’d worked with started noticing results, their online visibility started to improve. They started making money from their passion projects. Their businesses started experiencing growth. They felt like they now had the blueprint for success. This gave me a new meaning to life. A purpose. I had finally re-invented myself. This was me powering a movement. This was me reimagined. Dare to be different.


Varsha x

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